Pacific Garbage Patch Grows to Size of Texas

Earth’s largest landfill isn’t a former junkyard, farm, or barren wasteland. It’s not leaking into neighborhood schools or suburban backyards, and it doesn’t produce mutated alley cats when strays wander in to eat something interesting.

It isn’t even on land.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a massive buildup of trash that’s floating in the Pacific Ocean. How massive? It has currently grown to be the size of Texas. Continue reading

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Ancient Bo Tribe Becomes Extinct

For 65,000 years, ten Great Andamanese tribes have lived in the Andaman island chain 750 miles off the country’s eastern coast.

Last week, one of these tribes, the Bo tribe became extinct with the death of its last member, Boa Sr, age 85. She was the last living speaker of the tribe’s language, also called Bo, as well. The language was considered one of India’s most endangered languages. Continue reading

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Wii Injury – The Wii Fit Backlash

Wii-lovers have found a new game associated with the program: injury. From doctors to children, many have inflicted injury upon themselves by playing the physical video game. Continue reading

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Graduation Rates: City Folk v. Country Bumpkins

Studies show that those living in large cities have a higher high school dropout rate versus those living and attending schools in more suburban and rural areas. Continue reading

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The State of Stress

If you’re from the state of rolling green hills, red barns, and foot-stompin’ bluegrass (Kentucky), count your southern roots unlucky. Kentucky was reported  the state with the highest rate of mental stress, according to CNN article, “Feeling stressed? It’s more likely in some U.S. states than others.” Residents of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii report the lowest rates of stress, at 6.6 percent. Kentucky ranks 14.4 percent. Continue reading

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Stem Cell Restrictions Slackened

In April 2009, the Obama Administration announced its plan to lift financial restrictions on stem cell researched. Not all restrictions will be lifted, but they will alleviate some implemented during the Bush era. Continue reading

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Fighting the Stigma of the “Stupid” American Tourist

Like it or not, Americans have made a reputation for themselves overseas. Stupid, ignorant, or downright lazy are descriptions applied to American travelers from overseas citizens. The stereotype has become so prevalent that even President Obama addressed the issue in a early-2009 visit to Istanbul. CNN article “Tourists have to try to combat the ‘ugly American’” reports Obama as saying, Continue reading

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Perfect Smiles Triumph Despite Economy

Though many households are budgeting and cutting-back on expenditures, the industry for dental braces hasn’t faltered. Parents still insist on paying the $4,500 to $7,000 required to straighten-out their children’s teeth. Continue reading

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Should I be an Organ Donor?

People choose not to check the organ donor box on their driver’s license for many reasons: maybe they think if they choose to give their organs in the event of an accident than their operating doctor won’t try as hard to save their life. Maybe they believe in the mythical “black market” that sells their kidneys for money. Or maybe they’re just downright squeamish. Continue reading

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More Morels! Mushroom-Hunting Season is Upon Us!

Ahh, nature’s Easter egg hunt. Every spring, thousands of morel hunters across the nation scavenge their local woods for these honeycomb-like mushrooms. Continue reading

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