Should I be an Organ Donor?

People choose not to check the organ donor box on their driver’s license for many reasons: maybe they think if they choose to give their organs in the event of an accident than their operating doctor won’t try as hard to save their life. Maybe they believe in the mythical “black market” that sells their kidneys for money. Or maybe they’re just downright squeamish.

Excuses aside, organ donation is the box that all should check-off on their license, as its benefits outweigh the perceived negatives. The New York Times Blog  article “The Reluctant Organ Donor” dispels these excuses people use for opting not to donate. 

For instance, the operating doctor on a severely injured organ donor has no affiliation with the organizations that coordinate organ donation. Therefore, the hospital and doctor involved with surgery have no ties to the organ donation process, therefore would have no reason not to try to save lives. 

Stories of Hope, published on the Donate Life America website, offers a series of stories of those who benefited from organ donation.

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