Wii Injury – The Wii Fit Backlash

Wii-lovers have found a new game associated with the program: injury. From doctors to children, many have inflicted injury upon themselves by playing the physical video game.

 Ailments like “Wii Shoulder” and “Wii Knee” have cropped-up, falling under the umbrella of the new nerve – disorder “Nintendinitis.”

 Programs like Wii Fit are great in that they get gamers off their couches and actively involved with the game. The new concept took hold; as The New York Times article “More Wii Warriors Are Playing Hurt” reported Wii sold more than 10 million of the game systems in the United States in 2008, including a record 2.1 million in December. The complementary Wii Fit exercise program has been nearly as popular, with more than 6.5 million sold since its introduction last May.

 Upon interviewing several orthopedists and sports medicine practitioners, the article citied rising numbers of injuries resulting from the game. Symptoms of strains and swelling have been reported from use and overuse of Wii.




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