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Ancient Bo Tribe Becomes Extinct

Last week, one of these tribes, the Bo tribe became extinct with the death of its last member, Boa Sr, age 85. She was the last living speaker of the tribe’s language, also called Bo, as well. The language was considered one of India’s most endangered languages. Continue reading

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Wii Injury – The Wii Fit Backlash

Wii-lovers have found a new game associated with the program: injury. From doctors to children, many have inflicted injury upon themselves by playing the physical video game. Continue reading

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Graduation Rates: City Folk v. Country Bumpkins

Studies show that those living in large cities have a higher high school dropout rate versus those living and attending schools in more suburban and rural areas. Continue reading

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Fighting the Stigma of the “Stupid” American Tourist

Like it or not, Americans have made a reputation for themselves overseas. Stupid, ignorant, or downright lazy are descriptions applied to American travelers from overseas citizens. The stereotype has become so prevalent that even President Obama addressed the issue in a early-2009 visit to Istanbul Continue reading

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More Morels! Mushroom-Hunting Season is Upon Us!

Ahh, nature’s Easter egg hunt. Every spring, thousands of morel hunters across the nation scavenge their local woods for these honeycomb-like mushrooms. Continue reading

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Twittering Your Life Away

Twitter is the online Mecca for “Did I need to know that?” information about your cyber-neighbors. Everything from what people ate for breakfast to daily conversation are recorded on the social site, making a seemingly colossal slew of useless information. Continue reading

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Bringing the Twang to Europe, Bluegrass finds “New” Appalachia

Normally associated with the rolling, green mountains of the Appalachian Trail, bluegrass music has an easily distinguishable sound. Filled with pickings on the banjo and mandolin, and accompanied by fast-fiddle work, bluegrass music has deeply-rooted history in the American South. Continue reading

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In a World of Cutbacks, Dogs Livin’ the High Life

Dallas’s economy must be doing a-ok. In April, 2009, a dog park on steroids, called Unleashed, was opened in the city. The indoor park boasts 50,000 square feet of artificial grass for pooches to roam to their hearts content. As well, a doggie water park, grooming facility, supply store, and 2.5 acre outdoor park are parts of the facility. Continue reading

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Dining with Kids

Advice for dining with children Continue reading

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Four Essential Clothing Tips for Safari Travel

The right clothing on your African safari will prevent you from discomfort, and possibly ward-off diseases caused by mosquitoes. Continue reading

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