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Pacific Garbage Patch Grows to Size of Texas

The “island” has been one of the worst environmental disasters facing mankind for years–and it’s also been one of its best-kept secrets. Continue reading

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Wii Injury – The Wii Fit Backlash

Wii-lovers have found a new game associated with the program: injury. From doctors to children, many have inflicted injury upon themselves by playing the physical video game. Continue reading

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The State of Stress

If you’re from the state of rolling green hills, red barns, and foot-stompin’ bluegrass (Kentucky), count your southern roots unlucky. Kentucky was reported the state with the highest rate of mental stress, according to CNN article, “Feeling stressed? It’s more likely in some U.S. states than others.” Residents of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii report the lowest rates of stress, at 6.6 percent. Kentucky ranks 14.4 percent. Continue reading

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Stem Cell Restrictions Slackened

In April 2009, the Obama Administration announced its plan to lift financial restrictions on stem cell researched. Not all restrictions will be lifted, but they will alleviate some implemented during the Bush era. Continue reading

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Should I be an Organ Donor?

People choose not to check the organ donor box on their driver’s license for many reasons: maybe they think if they choose to give their organs in the event of an accident than their operating doctor won’t try as hard to save their life. Maybe they believe in the mythical “black market” that sells their kidneys for money. Or maybe they’re just downright squeamish. Continue reading

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US Food Safety Regulation Lagging

Over time, the US food safety monitoring and standards have progressively improved. Not so over the past three years, as a report from the CDC lists these three years have not improved in food safety, and cases of salmonella infections may be increasing. Continue reading

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Dealing with Financial Stress

Coping with the loss of a job or income, coupled with the rise in living expenses, can be a hotbed of stress. Symptoms like frequent sensations of sadness or crying, increased anxiety, inability to focus, apathy, and alcohol or drug abuse are all warning signs or direct effects of financially-induced depression.

Continue reading

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Fat for Fat Loss – New Study Finding Fat Can Help with Weight-Loss

A new study released in April 2009 has found that a form of fat actually aids in metabolizing fat and losing weight. The fat, called brown adipose tissue (or brown fat in laymen’s terms), burns calories, while the more common fat, which is yellowish-white, stores calories and packs-on-pounds in undesirable problem areas. Continue reading

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As Finances Dip, Waistlines Expand

Want to find a performing stock in the plummeting economy? Think fast. Fast food. Fast food companies, as well as comfort food manufacturers, have seen a surge in profits over the last few months as many turn to gorging-down their financial woes. Continue reading

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Concussion Prevention in Middle and High School Athletes

Finally, it appears the medical and sports performance field is taking the issue of concussions seriously and not making it a badge of honor amongst athletes and their peers. Having a concussion is no joke as essentially your brain, which essentially floats inside your skull, is banged/concussed against your skull with these being some of the possible effects: headaches, nausea, loss of motor control/coordination and loss of short term memory. Continue reading

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