Twittering Your Life Away

Twitter is the online Mecca for “Did I need to know that?” information about your cyber-neighbors. Everything from what people ate for breakfast to daily conversations are recorded on the social site, making a seemingly colossal stew of useless information. Continue reading

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How the Economic Crisis Effects Immigration

In April 2009, the Obama administration announced its plans to advance its efforts in immigration reform. The reform will focus on getting undocumented immigrant workers essential American legalization. Continue reading

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US Food Safety Regulation Lagging

Over time, the US food safety monitoring and standards have progressively improved. Not so over the past three years, as a report from the CDC lists these three years have not improved in food safety, and cases of salmonella infections may be increasing. Continue reading

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Bringing the Twang to Europe, Bluegrass finds “New” Appalachia

Normally associated with the rolling, green mountains of the Appalachian Trail, bluegrass music has an easily distinguishable sound. Filled with pickings on the banjo and mandolin, and accompanied by fast-fiddle work, bluegrass music has deeply-rooted history in the American South. Continue reading

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Sending the Troops Home: The Official Iraq Withdrawal

In February of 2009, President Obama announced his plan to withdrawal all troops from Iraq. Combat forces will begin to be withdrawn by August 2010, while all forces are expected to be withdrawn by December 2011. Continue reading

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Dealing with Financial Stress

Coping with the loss of a job or income, coupled with the rise in living expenses, can be a hotbed of stress. Symptoms like frequent sensations of sadness or crying, increased anxiety, inability to focus, apathy, and alcohol or drug abuse are all warning signs or direct effects of financially-induced depression.   Continue reading

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In a World of Cutbacks, Dogs Livin’ the High Life

Dallas’s economy must be doing a-ok. In April, 2009, a dog park on steroids, called Unleashed, was opened in the city. The indoor park boasts 50,000 square feet of artificial grass for pooches to roam to their hearts content. As well, a doggie water park, grooming facility, supply store, and 2.5 acre outdoor park are parts of the facility. Continue reading

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Fat for Fat Loss – New Study Finding Fat Can Help with Weight-Loss

A new study released in April 2009 has found that a form of fat actually aids in metabolizing fat and losing weight. The fat, called brown adipose tissue (or brown fat in laymen’s terms), burns calories, while the more common fat, which is yellowish-white, stores calories and packs-on-pounds in undesirable problem areas. Continue reading

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Want Free Cell Phone Service? Try Losing Your Job!

Virgin Mobile USA announced in April 2009 its plan called the “Pink Slip Protection” program, which covers monthly wireless bills for up to three upon loss of employment. The plan does have a few rules: customers must have been with Virgin Mobile for at least two months and eligible for unemployment benefits. Continue reading

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Facebooking for Business Success

Employees slacking at work? Productivity down? Have ‘em hop on Facebook or Twitter. No, not to market your business or take out ads on these social media sites. A new study by The University of Melbourne found short and unobtrusive breaks, like perusing these social sites or watching a video on YouTube, helps increase overall productivity. Continue reading

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