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Wii Injury – The Wii Fit Backlash

Wii-lovers have found a new game associated with the program: injury. From doctors to children, many have inflicted injury upon themselves by playing the physical video game. Continue reading

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Importance of Core Strength for Athletic Performance

Basically, the core is fundamental to all body movement. Whether you realize it or not, you hardly make a movement without engaging your core whether it be walking up the stairs or bending down to pick something up. Your core is involved, providing you with balance and stability. The strength, or weakness, or your core will dictate how easy or difficult these movements are. Continue reading

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Benefits of Altitude Training

Relocating to a higher altitude with the goal of seeking a competitive advantage is the theme of countless 80s sports movies. In theory the body should adapt to the thinner air found at higher altitudes, allowing the muscles to benefit from an increased oxygen supply once back down at sea level. Note that this article merely discuses the theory behind altitude training. Researchers are still relatively inconclusive as to how effective altitude training really is. Continue reading

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Finding a Qualified Trainer

With anywhere between 40 and 400 trainer certification programs flooding the market, it can be difficult differentiating a good trainer from a bad, and under qualified, one. Continue reading

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