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Stem Cell Restrictions Slackened

In April 2009, the Obama Administration announced its plan to lift financial restrictions on stem cell researched. Not all restrictions will be lifted, but they will alleviate some implemented during the Bush era. Continue reading

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Fighting the Stigma of the “Stupid” American Tourist

Like it or not, Americans have made a reputation for themselves overseas. Stupid, ignorant, or downright lazy are descriptions applied to American travelers from overseas citizens. The stereotype has become so prevalent that even President Obama addressed the issue in a early-2009 visit to Istanbul Continue reading

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How the Economic Crisis Effects Immigration

In April 2009, the Obama administration announced its plans to advance its efforts in immigration reform. The reform will focus on getting undocumented immigrant workers essential American legalization.

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Sending the Troops Home: The Official Iraq Withdrawal

In February of 2009, President Obama announced his plan to withdrawal all troops from Iraq. Combat forces will begin to be withdrawn by August 2010, while all forces are expected to be withdrawn by December 2011.

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