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The State of Stress

If you’re from the state of rolling green hills, red barns, and foot-stompin’ bluegrass (Kentucky), count your southern roots unlucky. Kentucky was reported the state with the highest rate of mental stress, according to CNN article, “Feeling stressed? It’s more likely in some U.S. states than others.” Residents of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii report the lowest rates of stress, at 6.6 percent. Kentucky ranks 14.4 percent. Continue reading

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How the Economic Crisis Effects Immigration

In April 2009, the Obama administration announced its plans to advance its efforts in immigration reform. The reform will focus on getting undocumented immigrant workers essential American legalization.

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Dealing with Financial Stress

Coping with the loss of a job or income, coupled with the rise in living expenses, can be a hotbed of stress. Symptoms like frequent sensations of sadness or crying, increased anxiety, inability to focus, apathy, and alcohol or drug abuse are all warning signs or direct effects of financially-induced depression.

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In a World of Cutbacks, Dogs Livin’ the High Life

Dallas’s economy must be doing a-ok. In April, 2009, a dog park on steroids, called Unleashed, was opened in the city. The indoor park boasts 50,000 square feet of artificial grass for pooches to roam to their hearts content. As well, a doggie water park, grooming facility, supply store, and 2.5 acre outdoor park are parts of the facility. Continue reading

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Want Free Cell Phone Service? Try Losing Your Job!

Car, cell phone, and condo companies have all been offering to foot your bill should you be laid-off during your contract. Are these sound plans to be investing in? Continue reading

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As Finances Dip, Waistlines Expand

Want to find a performing stock in the plummeting economy? Think fast. Fast food. Fast food companies, as well as comfort food manufacturers, have seen a surge in profits over the last few months as many turn to gorging-down their financial woes. Continue reading

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